Monday, November 10, 2008

Crystal Ball Gazing ...

Yeah, one of the perks of having a successful little online BMX column and community is that occassionally you get a glimpse of the future. This time, it's the future of Kuwahara ... Natarsha Williams-Birk (one heckuva BMX'er in her own right - now retired) was cool enough to send along these super cool 2009 Kuwahara spy shots. Some sharp new graphics are heading up the changes for '09. Can't wait to see 'em on track.
No word on the exact spec. on the bikes to us yet ... but, I am noticing that the Laserlite 24 in the top image is rolling on a totally dialed Sun Ringle Envy wheelset. This is the same wheelset that was used by all the US Olympians, so you know they are fast.

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