Friday, April 30, 2010

As most of you may know, it has rained over night and we plan on working on the track Saturday. But we do not know the condition of the track yet. We should get there around 9 to start working and find out if we can work on the track. Hopefully it will be dry enough to let us get some work in. So please call before you leave your house to make sure that we are working on the track. We don't want anyone driving all the way out there and find out that we have canceled our work day.
John Mittelstadt - 414-429-3485
Chris Bratz - 779-772-5824
Doug Tweedie - 262-565-8293
There will be a few people there working on the track today. So if you have free time stop by and lend a hand on the track. Start time for working on the track today is 10:30 and tomorrow will be around 9:30. If you have further questions feel free to call.
John Mittelstadt - 414-429-3485
Chris Bratz - 779-772-5824
Doug Tweedie - 262-565-8293

Monday, April 26, 2010

This Friday April 30th and Saturday May 1st we will be working on the track.
So if you have time and want to help out with the track work then stop on by and grab a tool and help us get the track ready for the season, which i know everyone is excited for.
If you have questions or are wondering if we need anything while we are working you can call
John Mittelstadt - 414 429 3485
Chris Bratz - 779 772 5824

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Got a few updates for everyone keeping their eyes on the blog.
One thing is that we ARE getting an asphalt starting hill. It will be put in in the next couple weeks. Its a great accomplishment that we have been wanting to get done for a couple years now. And hopefully it will draw more people to out track to have fun racing. And once again we would like to THANK EVERYONE that has donated money to our track.
Another thing coming up pretty soon is that we plan on having our first work weekend on MAY 1ST and 2ND (weather permitting). Sorry if there was any mix ups with the dates. We will try to get as much as we can done that weekend and use the next weekend if we have to, but we would like to work on watering the track, filling in the roots, smooth out the berms, and if we can get some dirt we will try to make a few areas better.
Mark Kluth has called and he said that he will be making another order soon for sweatshirts and t-shirts. So if you would like to get some goodies contact us.
John Mittelstadt -

Monday, April 05, 2010

Milwaukee's very own Dan Blink and Chris Bratz were able to get track champion jackets at the end of the Elkhorn indoor racing season. They worked hard all winter and the work was rewarded big time. Between the two of them, they only missed ONE race all indoor season. So they will be sporting this jackets out in Milwaukee from time to time to show off their hard work. These guys are very committed to the sport and love having fun and helping out other people when they are in need. So CONGRATULATIONS to them.
Other big news
The 2009 district jackets have been sent out and a few of our riders got some jackets and medals for district. Jacob Hinzpeter received the district number one jacket. Rj Eckertt and Chris Bratz received top ten district jackets. And last but not least Dan Blink and Jimmie Sims received medals for being in the top ten percent at the end of the year. So good job to everyone of these riders. Its a lot of work to get that far, so I'm sure we are proud of them.