Monday, September 21, 2009

Hot Shots - 9 19 2009

Since he first showed up a few months back, Steven Themes has come a whole long way with his bike riding. Here, he's got some nice air going as he hits up our last straight doubles.

Friendly competition -- this is such a typical scene at Milwaukee BMX. Jimmy Sims (L) and Dana Mittelstadt (R) goofing off back in the pit area after a big day of getting their race on.

Sammy Cabaltera is moving on up. You are looking at Milwaukee BMX's brandest-newest intermediate class rider. Congratulations Sam ... nice win!

Moto-Drive: Yup, it's cool when kids really find their groove and start to step up their game ... it's even more cool when you have the capability to document that progress and recognize it. Max Wilson, a solid young 9i, has really stepped up his game lately, both in speed and skill. Here, he's showing off some new found big air skills over the last straight dubs.

Bill Wilson (L) and Mark Kluth (R) no doubt talking about where they are headed for racing on Sunday. We BMX'ers are so predictable !!!

Josiah Simms is not only a good young racer ... this kid is an absolute ham. As soon as I dragged the camera out ... he starts really getting his boogy on. Shy much? I'm guessing the answer is no. Here's your shot, Josiah, and I hope you dig it !!!

I think Sam Gillis actually took this shot ... and, it's really a good one. I showed him the new camera set up ... and I seem to recall that he popped off a shot. Anyway, what a neat shot, Jonah Ausdembruch, finding a quiet and content moment in the midst of all of the chaos and mayhem that can be BMX racing.

Another young rider who's recently been putting a few skills in his pocket. Garrett Kluth is working a big and very cool manual over the last straight dubs, and definitely concentrating hard on what's up.

Dan Blink says goodbye to summer by getting it tweaked. It's a safe bet that even though we won't be seeing much more of this type of weather this year -- you won't have to look hard to find Dan getting it stylish off a jump.
Kevin O'

Thursday, September 17, 2009

we are going to be down with practice for the year
we will be having sign up from 10 to 11:30
and racing asasp
the weather looks good and so does the track
so i think we will be having some good times on Saturday
hope to see you all then

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Milwaukee BMX Photo Links:

For the Moments Photography is an official sponsor of Milwaukee BMX and John Themmes has shot some ridiculously beautiful images that you can download by clicking the "sports" section of his website.

There are also a wide variety of Sam Gillis' shots available from this season that you can check out at his photobucket albums

*NOTE: Right Click Copy, then paste up in the address bar

Sam's Ranch Reunion Pictures can be seen at here:
Password: racing009

Password: tinagillis

2008 & 2007 photo albums can be found here:

We hope you enjoy 'em all !!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009