Sunday, November 30, 2008

Click Here for LIVE ABA Grand Nationals Coverage  SUNDAY

Once there, you can set up a profile for yourself and then get live - streaming coverage from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Today's coverage includes 3rd Round Motos - Quarter Mains - Semi Mains and Mains.

National Champions will be crowned today.

How will our favorite local riders do?  We'll find out !!!

Far as I can tell, so far (through early in the third round) --

Bryan Dickerson has advanced in both cruiser and class
Ed Morris has advanced in both cruiser and class
Curt Zizzo has advanced in cruiser and class
Jacob Hinzpeter is through in cruiser

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

So, what are you thankful for at the beginning of this holiday season. I have many things that easily come to mind ... but, somewhere near the top of that list would have to be the many great friends I've made throughout the years of involvement with Milwaukee BMX. I appreciate your help and continued support - volunteers, sponsors, moms and dads and enjoy immensely watching the kids having fun with the sport of Bicycle Motocross. It's what keeps us goin' over here. You guys keep ridin' and we'll keep trying to keep the races coming.
Kevin O'

Hot Shots:
Local superhero Ben Kohls dropped his cape just long enough to have these jump shots taken last fall at Milwaukee BMX. Lighting is pretty moody ... and the style is typical Ben ... always the showman.

Monday, November 24, 2008



This year for the first time ever we'll have 16 specially prepared 16” Intense pit bikes added to the nights entertainment. All 16 qualified riders will be entered into two 8 man semi-main taking the top four to the Intense Pit Bike Challenge Main event. How do I qualify you ask? During Friday's R.O.C. event there will be lots going up stairs in the manufacturer and vendor areas as always. This year the Sun Bru crew will helping both Intense BMX and ABA BMX out with running a couple of scheduled qualifying sessions up stairs. You'll need to bring your pit bike, then stop by the Sun Bru booth for all the details about getting qualified for the Friday night Intense Pit Bike Challenge!

The Side-hack Challenge-

Come one, come all. If you've never seen the hacks race, it’s a site to behold. It’s a no holds bar crash and bash fest and the fans love it! Last year we added them to the Friday Night excitement and it went over really well. With a few more it should even be better. Roseville still holds the record of 17 hacks thus far, but things look good for the Friday Night event to break all records. If you've got a hack bring it on down. Didn't make the NAG 5 cut?? Well, this is YOUR chance to be involved in the big show! All hackers must be ABA members to compete. Other then that bring your hack and your best monkey to represent your team, track, or company and you are qualified!

Rockin' the "HOLESHOT"
Kelley Kelley (professional songwriter/producer, father of twins, and long time BMX racer), will be in the house rockin it out with his new song "HOLESHOT". If you haven't had a chance to here his song you can swing by myspace page and check it out. or stop by to see an interview that rich and the gang did with him.

Kelley Kelley is pumped to perform "HOLESHOT" Live at BMX racing's biggest party/event, the ABA BMX Grand Nationals Friday Night PRO Spectacular. Rumor has it, he’s been cookin’ up a “special” METAL re-mix of his song just for the ABA Grands event!

More Fire Magic Grills to Give-A-Way!

All season long we've been hosting the Fire Magic Grill off series and it’s been awesome! I haven't eaten so good in a long, long time. All season long you've been racing the ABA National series and a select few classes have been chosen to be awarded another Fire Magic Grill.

Eligible Classes are as follows-

28-35 men
36 & Over men
26-60 Cruiser men and women
31-35 Cruiser men and women
36-40 Cruiser men and women
41-45 Cruiser men and women
46-50 Cruiser men and women
51-55 Cruiser men
56 and over Cruiser men

If you are in the N.AG.. 10 after the Disney Cup event and coming into the ABA Grands you are eligible for this Fire Magic Grill drawing so be sure to be there just in case you’re name gets pulled out of the hat! We'll also be drawing a winner from all the left over entries form the Fire Magic Grill off events earlier this season. So, if you entered at one of the grill offs, but didn't win, you still have a shot at another Fire Magic Grill!

More Olympian medalist at the ABA Grands!

You saw 2008 Olympic Bronze medal winner “dR” Donny Robinson in Reno, NV. You saw 2008 Olympic Silver medal winner Mike Day in Lancaster, CA. Now Team USA rider and 2008 Olympic Bronze medalist Jill Kintner will be in the house Friday Night. ABA BMX has been rewarding the Olympic medalist for all their hard work in the 2008 Olympics for the Team USA. Donny and Mike have already been presented their reward.. Now it’s Jill’s turn. Jill will be on hand for her special recognition reward Friday night, so if you'd like to see Jill and give her a bi thanks be sure to be there Friday night!

As always I'm sure the Go-4-It Gopher will be in the house mixing things up for the fans on Friday night. If you've got a mascot that can take the Go-4-It gopher, he says bring it on! We'll have lots of T-shirts to toss for the fans from all your favorite companies, the Sun Bru girls will be on hand for the fans as well. I'm sure there will be more excitement to the event then what’s been listed. Crazy things always seemed to pop up at this event and we expect this year to be better then ever! We hope everyone has a great trip out to the ABA BMX Grands and we hope to see everyone at the Friday Night PRO Spectacular/NAG 5 Challenge event!

ABA BMX would like to thank all the 2008 National Series sponsors:

American Suzuki-( ) Dan’s Comp (
Jig-A-Loo-( BAWLS Guarana ( Bawlstyle ( Bicycles-( FLY Racing-( Sponsorhouse-( Tangent-( ABABMXRACERS- ( Intense BMX-( T.H.E. ( Fire Magic Premium Grills ( Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex ( (

Without their support, we couldn't make the 2008 ABA racing season such a huge success. Support the sponsors that support ABA BMX racing.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Milwaukee BMX (cycling club) Meeting Notice


General Club Meeting


Benno’s Genuine Bar and Grill
7413 West GreenfieldWest Allis, Wisconsin414-453-9094


7 p.m. - Tuesday November 18th

For more information contact:
John Mittelstadt – 414-429-3485 (phone)

Primary Agenda Item:
Formation of Milwaukee BMX Board of Directors
We will present our thoughts on the formation of a Milwaukee BMX Board of Directors based on recent conversations with Central Wisconsin BMX (Wisconsin Rapids).

If there is consensus among members present that a Board of Directors is something we want to pursue, we will begin the process of identifying board positions and taking nominations to fill those positions.

Please plan to attend if you are interested in the future of Milwaukee BMX.

Kevin O'Donnell

Monday, November 10, 2008

Crystal Ball Gazing ...

Yeah, one of the perks of having a successful little online BMX column and community is that occassionally you get a glimpse of the future. This time, it's the future of Kuwahara ... Natarsha Williams-Birk (one heckuva BMX'er in her own right - now retired) was cool enough to send along these super cool 2009 Kuwahara spy shots. Some sharp new graphics are heading up the changes for '09. Can't wait to see 'em on track.
No word on the exact spec. on the bikes to us yet ... but, I am noticing that the Laserlite 24 in the top image is rolling on a totally dialed Sun Ringle Envy wheelset. This is the same wheelset that was used by all the US Olympians, so you know they are fast.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Social networking sites are a cool way to meet new friends with common interests ... yeah, we've had a little presence on MySpace for a while now ... but, we've also had some videos up at YOUTUBE which, as you can see have gotten a ton of hits.  Yesterday, we added a FaceBook page.  Sites like this are cool because it's a great way to know what your friends are up to ... make new BMX friends from around the country ... or, possibly hook up with your favorite manufacturer or BMX Hero.  BMX Parents ... if you let your kids on YouTube or FaceBook ... make sure they set their profiles to PRIVATE ... and make darn sure that you have the log in codes so that you can keep them safe out there.  Properly used, the web is super cool ... Have fun ... and surf safe !!!  

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Please mark your calendars to note that Milwaukee BMX will have a special meeting on Tuesday November 18th at Benno's in West Allis beginning at 7:30 p.m.

The purpose of this meeting is to begin the process of the formation of a new Board of Directors (BOD - yeah, you could be a member of the ultra cool, super hip Milwaukee BMX BOD Squad !!!). We'll post more information about the positions the BOD will include not later than Tuesday November 11th. Nominations and resumes can be tendered the night of the meeting or via e-mail in advance.

Viva la BMX !!!

Kevin O'

Monday, November 03, 2008

State Fair Park Indoor Practice Facility is a NO GO.

Despite the best efforts of Milwaukee BMX, our sponsors and the dozen or so volunteers who chipped in their dedication, time, sweat and energy to make an indoor BMX practice facility in the Milwaukee area a reality ... the plug is being pulled on the Wisconsin State Fair Park practice facility for safety reasons.

We apologize to our volunteers and competitors that we couldn't make this work, but as the track was being completed, a variety of potential rider safety conditions within the building (that couldn't be reconciled through track re-design) became evident.

Milwaukee BMX remains committed to advancing BMX racing in Milwaukee and we will continue to work hard to realize our mission.

For those of you who would like to continue practicing and racing through the winter, please be reminded that the Walworth County Indoor BMX facility in Elkhorn is just 35 minutes SW of Milwaukee off Interstate 43. The indoor / winter racing season began at the Walworth indoor last weekend and will continue through mid-March, 2009.

Milwaukee BMX Club Meeting Announcement:
Later this week, remaining 2008 club meeting dates will be determined and published (right here) and we will also be creating an organizational "cabinet" for the club, which is entering its third year in existence, with elections held at our December meeting.

For more information, or if you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact John Mittelstadt (Track Operator) at 414-429-3485.