Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Milwaukee BMX seeks your nominations for the following positions for Board of Directors for the 2009 season. These are all "working" positions, and nominees will accept the responsibility of working at the majority of events in the 2009 season. Please be sure that those you would like to nominate are willing to accept the responsibilty and will take their positions seriously.

Please call or e-mail John Mittelstadt at or 414-429-3485 -- or e-mail Kevin O'Donnell at with your nominations.

These are our ideal recommended positions per discussions with other tracks and as discussed at our last club meeting in November. This list may continue to evolve prior to the beginning of the 2009 racing season.

Voting for the new board will take place at the January 6th club meeting at Benno's in West Allis.
  • President – Face of Milwaukee BMX – this individual will be the primarily responsible for building good will toward Milwaukee BMX in the surrounding community through solicitation of other community service groups including, but not limited to – Chamber of Commerce organizations, Business Improvement Districts, seeking opportunities for “non-traditional” marketing (ie parades, bicycle shows, etc.) Provide oversight and guidance for strategic initiatives implemented by the club.
  • Treasurer – Oversee the financial operations of Milwaukee BMX. Report on budget at all Milwaukee BMX meetings. Cut checks for track operator and make deposits from individual donations and underwriting and advertising sales. Balance accounts.
  • Secretary / Sergeant at Arms – schedule board member meetings and publish meeting agendas in advance, along with recording and distributing meeting minutes to BOD.
  • Track Operator – Direct oversight of all track operations ranging from volunteer recruitment and training, to race day staffing (registration, sign ups, new rider orientation, staging, starting, corner workers and scoring) and operation. Will need be present at 80% of Milwaukee BMX racing and practice events. Procure event awards. Oversee team competition.
  • Communications / PR / Marketing – Provides publicity and promotional efforts for Milwaukee BMX. Website maintenance, as press liaison make media contacts, assist in new rider recruitment, sell underwriting and advertising and encourage sponsor participation in Milwaukee BMX activities.
  • Assistant Track Operator – Director of Track Layout / Maintenance – In addition to collaborating with track operator to oversee track layout, preparation and volunteer coordination – will oversee operation of 20% of racing and practice events.
  • Concessions – Responsible for staffing race day events and maintaining food and beverage supplies. Also responsible for setting pricing and working with club treasurer to assure that there is adequate profit margins.
  • Youth Representative / Liasion - Will be one of our regular race competitors who demonstrates leadership skills and is inclined toward volunteerism. Will help recruit and train along with the director of track layout and maintenance to assist with raking, sweeping, cleanup, etc. Additionally will act as "new rider orientation" person. All new registrants will be offered the opportunity to walk through the registration process, reading a moto board, staging, etc. and learn basic track skills from this individual.
National #1 Girl Cruiser !!!

If you are a regular reader of, then you know that I recently published a column following the results of some of the competitors who have hit up Milwaukee BMX througout the year. And, to my credit ... I must have done okay, because I didn't receive a whole lot of corrections. One that I did miss, however, and it's a biggie ... because we're talking ABA National #1 Girls Cruiser ... which went to Felicia Stancil.

Jamie Stancil sent this photo of Felicia with her sweet new ride that she picked up after decimating her class and taking the national title. Can you say, "Brrraaaappppp !!!"

Just awesome, Felicia. Congratulations!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Local Riders Grands Results

Big props to the following riders who did super well at the Grands.

Tina Gillis, a regular competitor in our cruiser classes (probably 3 times out of 5 she's gating up against the guys for lack of a full women's class) made her mains in both the Friday night Race of Champions, finishing 3rd in a group of 5 ... and then backing that up with a solid run at the grands, where she finished 5th out of 9 women in the class. She was also the only "privateer" unsponsored rider in the main -- far out !!!

Tina relayed that the sweet new Fly uniform was more of a necessity than a luxury. "I left all my gear at home by accident, So I had to get to the track at 6 am on Practice day and BUY all new stuff from helmet to clip shoes!!! With 5 min to spare I made it to Practice at 7am!!!" Gillis said after returning home.

That's amazing, Tina ... way to keep your cool ... and look good while you were doing it.

Other local riders that went on through to their mains were Kenosha's Curt Zizzo in 36-40 cruiser class ... which had a huge group of more than 30 riders that he fought his way through to qualify.

Dan Tritz, who occassionally runs Milwaukee finished 5th in both 14 cruiser and the ultra tough 14 expert class ... that's an awesome accomplishment ... team managers, take notice.

Felicia Stancil, the first girl in the history of Milwaukee BMX to jump our "big set" of doubles at the end of the first straight took down a nice win in 13 girls.

Sun Ringle sponsored Desiree Roeder nabbed a 3rd in the 14 girls class.

Sussex NAG powerhouse, Cory Caliendo came home with a 3rd in 13 cruiser (sure would be good to see you at Milwaukee sometime, kid!)

and Troy Krause of APEX BMX (Oshkosh) made his main in class.

Bryan Dickerson missed mains in both cruiser and class by one spot, finishing 5th in both of his semis despite having the track dialed and riding some super fast laps all weekend. In 41-45 cruiser, there were more than 40 riders signed up!

Congratulations to all the other local riders who made the trip ... we were watching almost all weekend.