Friday, May 30, 2008

2008 Opener a Success:

Thanks to everyone who came out to ride the track at last night's practice. It was super good to see all the familiar faces (and a bunch of new ones too).

Below are a couple of random photos that I snapped while not getting some long overdue laps in myself.

We're still hoping to stay on schedule with our "New Rider Clinic" at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning ... but, it's possible it will move back somewhat given the uncertainty of today's and tonight's forecast. We'll have updates posted up by 8 tomorrow morning at the latest.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday 5 / 29 PRACTICE IS ON !!!

The light rain that moved through the area was about equivolent to giving the track a decent watering ... in other words ... enough to keep the dust down. The racing surface is firm and a little bit tacky ... but, definitely rideable.

We hope to see you there tonight.

Kevin O'

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Milwaukee BMX Opens THIS WEEK !!!

After barely surviving the longest, coldest, snowiest, and most outrageously ridiculous winter on record (ahem, at least, that's what I heard) the Milwaukee BMX track crew has things ready for our 2008 season kick-off, gate practice this Thursday night and our new rider orientation which is scheduled for this Saturday morning.

Thursday Gate Practice will run from 6-8 p.m. and, as usual, riders will need a current ABA BMX membership, $5 for fees, and required safety gear, including a helmet, long sleeve shirt and full length pants. Bikes must have all reflectors, chain guards and kick stands removed.

The New Rider Clinic will start at 9 a.m. this Saturday Morning, May 31st and run until 10:30 a.m. New riders will receive an orientation to the sport of BMX as well as receive on track training from a group of nationally competitive local riders, including Greg and Tim Eiring, Dana Mittelstadt, Nick Campanelli and more.

New riders will need to bring: a helmet, long sleeve shirt, and full length pants. You might also consider wearing knee pads, elbow pads and gloves if you have them available (skateboard stuff works great) though they are not required. Since we'll be trackside in the heat of the day, sunscreen and water or some other liquid for hydration are also suggested. New riders need not be members of the ABA, and are able to ride under a one day free temporary membership, but ABA memberships will be available trackside. Cost of a full ABA BMX annual membership is $45 / rider. There is no fee for the new rider clinic.
Milwaukee BMX updates are also available on MYSPACE @

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

More photos from 5/5/2008 ... this track is definitely ready to rock.

First straight, looking back at the hill from the first jump.

View of last straight from left side of last jump ... no more little last turn wedgie to kill your momentum.

First straight looking back at the hill from the 2nd jump. Nice & smooth !!!

First turn ... as wide and as smooth as it ever has been.

2nd straight is full throttle and wide open ... we should see a bunch of moves out of the first corner this season.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


What can be said but, WOW !!! ... all of you who donated your time and effort toward the spring fix up deserve an awful lot of BMX love. Here's hoping that the devilish tire grabbing dirt monkeys will not have their way with any of those who helped (or, your little BMX racing hombres and hombrettes either) this weekend. (This is, evidentally, a curse which got me in a big way last fall at Walworth Indoor BMX.)

Track Operator John Mittelstadt said there were so many people there on Sunday that at one point that he just wasn't ablt to get everybody's name for who to thank. So, just big thanks from all of us to the Milwaukee BMX community at large for all of your support. The blisters, sore backs and tired arms are absolute appreciated.
But, it's super important to recognize that Del Sievert delivered 4 quad axle truckloads of fresh, screened clay (which rocks like chugging about six Red Bulls before jamming to a slayer song on guitar hero) and that once again Pro Electric came through with a loader for us (which is just an amazing gesture considering the cost of equipment rental -- plus, Craig picks up and delivers the beast in this era of near $4 / gallon gas prices -- which is a truly remarkable act of generosity).
T/O Mittelstadt submits the following photos after an exhausting couple of days in which our track went from "rehab" to "rehabilitated, reinvigorated and definitely ready for racing". Great stuff:

There are a few subtle changes, per track captain and super speedy 41-45 cruiser racer, Mike Froh ... the second straight is wide and ready for all out straightaway assaults, all of the turns are built back up to their original heights or are larger, the little momentum killing wedge out of the last corner (which Mike will go to his grave insisting was my bad idea) was removed and the entire first straight was capped with the good screened clay. Truth told, we just can't wait to get back on this beast ... it ought to be rolling fast.
Thanks again to all that participated ... and, here's looking forward to a fantastic 2008 racing season.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

MAY 3 - 8:30 A.M.

John's plan was to take a run by the track this a.m. to see if there's any chance we can do much with it ... the rain showers that moved through last night and any additional showers this morning will wash out today's activities.   

John's is trackside and his cell is 414-429-3485 for more details.

Sunday's forecast is excellent, however ... so we will definitely plan to proceed with our work day as planned.  We hope to see you there.  And, thanks for your support of Milwaukee BMX.

Kevin O'