Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Milwaukee BMX Classified Ads:

Not entirely sure why we didn't get around to this sooner ... but, if you've got some old race gear hanging around your basement that you've been thinking about selling, but, maybe like me, just forget to bring to the track ... this would be the place to list it up for sale.

If you scroll down to where you leave comments, you can post your stuff up for sale. Don't forget to leave an e-mail address or telephone number so anybody who's interested in your stuff can contact you.

Finally, when your item is sold ... shoot us an e-mail at so that we can remove your ad.

Kevin O'

Sunday, October 28, 2007

ABA / Disney Fall Nationals:

We want to express our congratulations to all the local riders who did just an awesome job representing Wisconsin BMX at the Fall Nationals in Orlando Florida. You guys make us really proud.

Our favorite line of the weekend came from announcer Mike Redman, who as he called Ben Kohls across the finish line as the ABA's newest 16 expert gave us: "Hey Ben! Turn around, man ... that's your class". Redman was referring to the expert class that was making it's way around the course after Kohls crossed the line. It was also nice to hear Redman give a call out to Milwaukee BMX during the Sunday webcast.

For the record, Kohls had a perfect weekend, crossing the line first in all three 16 intermeiate mains. He also won the 15-16 mixed open class on Saturday. The local expert class has been waiting for this kid for a little while now. We bet they'll be filing this under the "careful what you wish for" category as Ben just keeps getting faster and faster. The kid was quick coming into this summer -- going out of it, he's leaving a vapor trail!

Kohls' little bro, Colin also had himself a super weekend, scoring a 2nd Sunday (after getting a huge holeshot and showing some awesome first straight pull), a 4th on Saturday and a 2nd in the pre-race on Friday. Colin just recently turned 15 and just like his brother is a rider to watch out for -- his wins are going to come fast.

Dana Mittelstadt who was a nervous novice when I first met him last winter wound up 2nd Sunday after scoring a 4th Saturday. Those finishes were in intermediate. Mittelstadt is another rider who has really stepped up his game this year.

Kommanche Jordan made a bunch of mains in 20 and on his cruiser. Friday he finished 6th in both cruiser and class, Saturday he turned in a sixth in cruiser and Sunday he wound up 5th in cruiser. Great job Kommanche.

Annie Eiring scored a nice Sunday win in women's 26-30 cruiser after finishing 3rd in the Friday pre-race.

"Duece Coupe" Jacob Hinzpeter finished 7th in 11-12 open in the Friday pre-race

Cory Caliendo is a kid I hope we'll being seeing more of in the future, the Sussex hot shoe made a ton of mains this weekend which began with an 8th in cruiser Friday, and was followed up by a 4th in Cruiser and 8th in class on Saturday and 4th and 5th in cruiser and class on Sunday. is super stoked for all of you guys (and gal!). We hope everybody has a safe and quiet trip home and we look forward to seeing you a few of you in person at the barn or up at Fondy next weekend.

Friday, October 26, 2007

ABA / Disney Fall Nationals Live Webcast:

Is on now ... click the image above to link to the live coverage from Orlando, Florida. We'll be keeping an eye open for our local WI-01 hotshots and wish them luck!

Walworth BMX Season Opener
This weekend the fine folks at Walworth BMX have scheduled a big single (Saturday afternoon / evening) double (Sunday afternoon) weekend to get the indoor season kicked off. More information available at

Friday, October 19, 2007

Racing and Party 10/20/2007 CANCELLED:
You can read about the details of our soggy track below ... but, the long and the short of it is ... we won't be racing tomorrow. We are trying to rescudule our season ending party on a Saturday in November. Details will be forthcoming ... but, based on the availability of the lodge, we're planning a swap meet (vendor donation of $5 for an 8' table space), picnic style buffet (brats, burgers and hot dogs courtesy of Milwaukee BMX) and a whole lot of bench racing. We'll have an LCD projector set-up with a DVD player and Laptop so that we can play Joe Kid on a Stingray and show photos from througout the season. We'll also be giving out some special year end awards.

Specific date and time details should be out in the next couple of days.

Rain, Rain ...
Well, it looks like tomorrow is going to be a washout. File this under the careful what you wish for category ... but, when our track area grew last month ... our makeshift drain tile job ceased it's primary function ... draining the track. As of yesterday, there was standing water in the second and first turns ... and with more precipitation expected throughout the day, our chances of running a race tomorrow look about as bleak as the skies over Milwaukee as this is being written.

So, although we're likewise feeling a little glum ... it has been a really awesome season and we're so glad for all of you who volunteered, sponsored, raced, or even just came out to check it out ... without you and your ongoing support ... there would be no reason or ability to have a BMX track in Milwaukee. But, together, we not only proved it can be done ... but, done well ... and we'll just keep improving everything we can as we move forward.

An "official call" will be posted here later today after John takes a peek at the track early this afternoon. We'll also have word on the status of the little after race party that we were planning as our way of saying thanks. Because of the uncertain status of the race ... we may still decide to postpone the party as well.

Racing Around the Area
We received word from the Weimer's at
Fond du Lac BMX this morning that they are planning to run outdoor races as long as weather permits. They are hoping to run one this Sunday - October 21st, and, after taking the next weekend off (there's a multi point race at Walworth County BMX on Sunday the 28th -- as well as the ABA's Disney national) they will attempt to be back with a Saturday and Sunday race on November 3rd and 4th.

Speaking of Walworth, the track is built, and, although the turns remain the same as they have been for years, the obstacles are decidedly different from what we ran last year. It ought to be a fun track. I was able to join many of the same guys who have been so key to building and maintaining the Milwaukee track including: Mike Froh, Bryan Dickerson, Fred Yanke, Todd Zimmerman, Curt Zizzo, Todd Lewis, Mark Kluth, and a few of Jake's regular track volunteers. The track came together in about 2-1/2 days, and should be smooth and fast as usual. Below are a few photos from the build and early rides.

I'm told that the dirt was a lot easier to work with than last year ... and you can see how everything is already packed in that this track is going to hold up throughout the year and roll super fast. One of Jake's normal track volunteer's sons gets an early shot at the step down out of the first turn.

A little older, a bit more grey ... but, like me ... everyone of these "kids" still seems to get a kick out of playing in the dirt. L-R: Fred Yanke, Curt Zizzo, Todd Zimmerman, Todd Lewis-Smith, Mike Froh, and "bow legged" Bill Dickerson.

Almost done ... track and ancillary items (gate, staging, etc.) are all in ... couple more water and roll sessions, some lines ... and a whole lotta riders ... and the indoor season will be on.

By the time I arrived Saturday a.m., the crew had already roughed in the second and third straights ... big obstacles on the first straight, corner packing, and installing the gate and staging areas were still on the "to do" list at this point.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Photo Album 10/6 & 10/7/2007

This weekend was unseasonably warm, and definitely a challenge for Walruses like me. But, the warm weather is also an excuse to extend the outdoor BMX season just a little longer ... so, we jumped at the opportunity to race Milwaukee and Fond du Lac this weekend. Here are some of the moments we shared.

Nate Booth chases Chris Wipijewski down the first straight over the step up / step down. Wipijewski has been killing it all season long on a Dyno freestyle bike that's nearly as old as he is and we hear he's about to score himself a long overdue new racing machine. Chris has a bunch of wins and we expect he'll make the move to intermediate soon. After Chris moves on, Booth will get his wins in a hurry and we wouldn't be at all suprised if by mid June of next season we ourselves a nice 15 intermediate class at Milwaukee BMX. Good stuff, guys!

Nepotism at it's finest! When I was Dane O'Donnell's (my son) age (7), I had a cinder block, a couple foot length of 1 x 6" plank, and television images of Evil Kneivel and later Ponch and John from CHiPS pushing me on. Dane's gotBen Kohls and Jacob Hinzpeter as his modern day local track heros. Heck, those two are my heros too, come to think of it ... scroll down to learn why. Nice air, Dane!

Lucas Rupp is tearing through the 5 and under novice class like the Green Bay Packers offensive line at an all you can eat buffet. Another race weekend, and another win for the young fella from Muskego. Dinnertime!

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this shot is that the bulldozer in the background is such an obvious visual metaphor. Three big guys with plenty of straight ahead power (me, Karl Ausdembruch and Mark Kluth) and almost no chance of "catching air" ... yup, that's a bulldozer allright. In fact, I even did a "bulldozer" immitation first round when I blew up and moved some dirt down the last straight. Maybe John Lennon said it best when he sang "I am the Walrus - Koo Koo Ka Choo ..."

I spy with my little eye -- one of the best rivalries in a while in Wisconsin BMX. Ben Kohls leads out Dallas Weimer down the first straight at Fond du Lac BMX. Both of these guys are super quick and have a ton of skills in their pocket. I have no doubt that there's a couple more NAG numbers that will get locked down between these two guys in the next few seasons ... and, along with Kommanche Jordan, this group is perhaps the best prospect of a nice little Wisconsin pro-class since Tim and Greg Eiring and Kris Weborg in the mid and late 90's.

Colin Kohls out front and in command of the 14i class at Fond du Lac. Colin had himself a fantastic weekend, having taken the win over Kommanche Jordan, a super fast 13 expert, at Milwaukee as well.

Quiet guy, Dana Mittelstadt, making a fantastic sweep into the last turn at Fondy to nail down the three spot in the main. The progress he has made since we started running the outdoor at Milwaukee is absolutely incredible. Dana has transformed from quick but tepid novice right at the end of the indoor season, to an absolute go-for-it intermediate who rides with quickness and confidence today. Chris Bratz who took the win over Dana and the rest of the class at Milwaukee the day before, and is third in this image, took a nasty hard fall in the first round of motos at Fondy Sunday.

It's tough to get a bad photo of Jacob Hinzpeter, who is just about as dialed in as 12 year olds can be. So, this week, in the photo album, ol' Jacob gets two pictures ... same obstacle at Fondy (table into the first turn) different perspectives.

What's more, while announcing the races Saturday, I introduced Jacob as the "Little Deuce Coupe" before the main. Good kid, great new nickname.
For months, I struggled to get a decent shot of Ben Kohls jumping. All that time he was pulling some really cool stuff ... and I'd either have my bike and was still riding, announcing, or whatever. Saturday, we decided to work for the shot, and this one makes up for a lot of frustration for sure. After getting a couple of good looks at this "look back" jump from the front, Ben thought it would be cool to get the image as he was moving away. Good call Ben ... this is a great shot ... and I'm sure it won't be the last.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Results - Saturday October 6th

Moto 1: 16 Cruiser
1. Dallas Weimer, 14c - Fond du Lac, WI - Factory Direct Link
2. Ben Kohls, 16c - Racine, WI - CSR Sinz
2. Kommanche Jordan, 13c - Green Bay, WI

Moto 2: 36-40 Cruiser
1. Kevin O'Donnell, 40c - Milwaukee, WI
2. Mark Kluth, 38c - Waukesha, WI
3. Karl Ausdembruch, 38c - Racine, WI

Moto 3: 41-45 Cruiser
1. Michael Froh, 41c - Milwaukee, WI - Factory Direct Link
2. Jon Engelhart, 44c - Madison, WI
3. Terri Bratz, 47g - Kansasville, WI

Moto 4: 5 and under Novice
1. Lucas Rupp, 5n - Muskego, WI
2. Rachael Rankins, 5n - Twin Lakes, WI
3. Max Schmitt, 4n
dnq: Sam Maneely, 5n

Moto 5: 7 Novice
1. Dane O'Donnell, 7n - Milwaukee, WI
2. Luke Maneely, 7n
3. Jonah Ausdembruch, 7n - Milwaukee, WI
dnq: Garrett Kluth, 6n - Waukesha, WI

Moto 6: 8 Intermediate
1. Reece Rankins, 8i - Twin Lakes, WI
2. Max Maglio, 8i - Lynwood, IL
3. Raymond Eckert, 8i - Muskego, WI
dnq: Brittany Brzezinski, 8n

Moto 7: 9 Intermediate
1. Kasen Vanooyen, 9i - Oshkosh, WI
2. Samuel Rupp, 9i - Muskego, WI
3. Austin Bailey, 9n

Moto 8: 12 Intermediate
1. Jared Engelhart, 12i - Madison, WI
2. Jaden Vanooyen, 11i - Oshkosh, WI
3. Cecilia Ausdembruch, 10g - Racine, WI

Moto 9: 14 Novice
1. Chris Wipijewski, 14n
2. Nate Booth, 14n - Milwaukee
3. Jeff Drierzak, 12n

Moto 10: 14 Intermediate
1. Collin Kohls, 14i - Racine, WI - CSR / SINZ
2. Kommanche Jordan, 13x - Green Bay, WI
3. Jacob Hinzpeter, 12x - Twin Lakes, WI
dnq: Christopher Magio, 14i - Lynwood, IL - CSR / SINZ

Moto 11: 15 Intermediate
1. Dallas Weimer, 14x - Fond du Lac, WI - Factory Direct Link
2. Andrew Wipijewski, 15n
3. Josh May, 15n

Moto 12: 19-27 Intermediate
1. Chris Bratz, 20i - Kansasville, WI
2. Dana Mittelstadt, 17i - Shorewood, WI - CSR / SINZ
3. Ben Kohls, 16i - Racine, WI - CSR / SINZ
dnq: John Sanfelippo, 26n

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Saturday October 6th - single points race
signups: 10:30 to Noon
Racing: ASAP

Saturday October 20th- single points race
signups: 10:30 to Noon
Racing: ASAP

BMX Picnic - Appreciation Party (please bring a dish to pass) afterward.

Photo Essay - BMX Racing in SE Wisconsin 9/29 & 9/30

Autumn is always one of my favorite times of the year ... summer yard work is winding down, and I generally have a little bit more free time to do the things I really enjoy doing. So, when Dane asked me if we could make the trip to Fond du Lac on Sunday, after racing Milwaukee on Saturday, the answer came pretty easily.

Here then, is some graphic evidence of the racing weekend that Dane and I did over the weekend. For fun, and out of much respect for our friends in Fond du Lac, let's begin our journey on Sunday the 30th in Fondy.

Ben Kohl's folks, Mike and Laura, are in big trouble now for sure. Ben has pretty much always had his head in the air ... but, now he's adding his front wheel as well. Style for miles and stretching one heckuva huck over the second straight triple at Fondy.

Not at all an unusual shot for Dallas Weimer at all ... double manual through a triple and just as smooth as you will find in execution. I will never get tired of watching this kid ride.

Milwaukee's newest Intermediate, RJ Eckert, had his move up stoke going ... until he saw his moto sheet ... a couple of older intermediates and experts is a humbling way to make the move. But, that's racing. RJ will be right in the mix in no time flat.

Q: How many times have we seen this? A: A lot! Colin Kohls (41) looking for a way around another rider. This kid has made more moves in the past year than Allied Van Lines.

It's hard to imagine a rider with more determination than Kommanche Jordan. I've heard from comments about this kid's intensity from several people that have been around BMX for a long time. With his skill, determination, and attitude ... he's just going to keep picking up speed.

Cole Baake made the trip to Fondy from Port Washington and scored a second place finish.
Now, we turn our attention to more local pursuits ... here are a few photos from Milwaukee BMX taken on Saturday. My wife Denise was behind the lens this time, and did a pretty fair job for her first shot at shooting "action sports".

No, there's no need to try and adjust your screen, and, we haven't created any "two way" straights at Milwaukee BMX. This is just Sam Rupp (right and on the last straight) with a huge lead over Austin Bailey and Cecelia Ausdembruch (moving left to right and heading for the last corner.

The apple didn't fall very far from the tree here ... Cecelia Ausdembruch all decked out in SE colors and tearing it up on an "SE PK Ripper". Founder Scot Breithaupt (Scot Enterprises - SE) and current SE BMX group leader Todd Lyons would be proud.

Thing about this picture that's even more interesting about this picture than the fact that you are looking at the very first women's cruiser (gotta love the moto moms) class at Milwaukee BMX ... what's that dude in the background laughing at. Listen buddy boy ... if you think getting around that track is so easy, bike #26 is yours any time you wanna take a lap. Nice job Ginger and Terri ... it's pretty rad that you guys got out there.

Mike Froh doing exactly what he's done all year -- pulling the 41-45 cruiser class on into the first corner. Mike's leading WI-01 cruiser points -- and tells me he's never been a district #1 -- so, it's an accomplishment he'd like to add to an already lengthy resume. He's doing it mainly on the points he's earned in local races, although he's been super competitive at the few nationals he's traveled to. We're pulling for ya' Mike.

Talk about competitive at the national level, those gray number plates mean that the two riders to the right in this frame are among the elite riders in their age group in the nation. National Age Group (NAG) numbers are earned by racing at and doing well in the ABA national series. And, 3&4 mean that there are only two better in the nation than #3 Randy Behnke (Wauwatosa) and #4 Curt Zizzo (Kenosha). FYI, #1 36-40 cruiser racer, Chris Verhagen, was ABA's national #1 cruiser racer in 2007. Mark Kluth sits first among the mere BMX mortals in this shot.

Six 36-40 cruiser racers were joined by Ben Kohls (16) and Dan Tritt (13) to run out a full gate of cruiser riders. Horsepower was on the line. From left Tritt, Zizzo, Kohls, Behnke (who about flipped the gate and is still in recovery mode here), O'Donnell, Wilson and Ausdembruch (Mark Kluth didn't quite make the frame and is coming out of gate #1.