Monday, March 08, 2010


Yes its possible for this 2010 Milwaukee BMX season for us to have a paved starting hill.

But, its also not free. So what we are doing is having a fundraiser type deal going on to help us pay for the asphalt starting hill. A few close track workers have already donated some money. If you want to donate some money then you can. Any amount will help us. Also if you know anybody with a company that would like to help and donate, they can do that as well and we will try to get that company's name well heard. Donate and you can be part of our gold, silver, bronze friends list.

GOLD($100 or more donation)
SILVER($50.00-$99.99 donation)
BRONZE($1.00 -$49.99 donation)
So if you want to donate you can contact us:
John Mittelstadt -
Doug Tweedie -