Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Friday, December 07, 2007

Odds n' Endos:

Check it out ... we received word from our friends at Steel Wheels BMX in Portage Indiana that they are planning the second annual "Future Pro Challenge" race on Saturday December 15, 2007. I know a few of you made last years race ... and, if memory serves, Milwaukee BMX volunteer John Wethall was actually made famous on YouTube at this very race last season.

Check out this video shot by our pals over at of the 2006 action. Great stuff. The files are of both the boys and girls finals.



Walworth 2007 Finale this weekend:

Finally, this is the last weekend of racing in 2007 at the Walworth County BMX indoor. There are single point races both Saturday evening and Sunday during the day. If we don't make it out ... thanks again to everyone for a successful 2007 racing season at Milwaukee BMX ... and we certainly hope to see you again in 2008.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Milwaukee BMX on MYSPACE:

Check it ... if any of you bonzai-icle, super-rad Milwaukee BMX dudes and dudettes have a Myspace page ... you might want to link to the Milwaukee BMX myspace page.

BMX World Magazine, Greg Hill (GHP Products & legendary pro racer) and a few other legends are already in the house.

Kevin O'

Monday, December 03, 2007

Holiday Happenings:

So, it's probably not entirely by cooincidence that I'm starting to think about the holidays ... after all, Christmas is now less than a month away, and a fresh blanket of snow, covered with a crisp ice candy shell all around SE Wisconsin now complicates the fact that I still haven't started my holiday shopping ... and I'm definitely starting to feel the pressure.

Still, I want to try and make life a bit easier for a few of you BMX moms and dads who might be far enough removed from the racing season to be thinking about BMX gifts for your little racers as the holiday's approach. So, here's my advice, as somebody who was a little BMX'er once. BMX presents are always good. From a new set of tires, to new grips, a new padset, numberplate ... or, if they've been really good ... a trick new scoot.

As for where to send Santa for your BMX presents ... these are the shops that supported and helped us get up and running at Milwaukee BMX in 2007.
Please remember, this holiday season, to think globally, and buy locally. And, that doesn't just go for BMX bikes. I hope we'll all do what we can to keep SE Wisconsin a vibrant and sustainable community.

Grands Moments:

We received this picture from Randy Olson, proud papa of Dirt Warriors 14I Brad Olson ... who is carting around one heckuva tall trophy. This is for his second place finish in the 14 intermediate main at the Grands ... which is a solid enough finish ... but, doesn't exactly tell the whole story. Brad's lap was one of the few mains I was lucky enough to catch through the live feed @ . His lap couldn't have started worse as he came unclipped about two pedals out of the gate. After getting his foot back on the pedal, and getting the cleat engaged, he was easily 3 or four lengths behind the field. And, that's when Brad went to work. Picking off riders on every straight and in each turn, until he finally wound up all the way back up to 2nd. Awesome job, Brad -- way to go !!!

I'm still tripping over the size of that trophy. The O'Donnell house is so small that if Dane ever brings something like that home at Thanksgiving ... we're going to skip the Christmas tree and just decorate the trophy !!!

Meeting Reminder:
Yup, our first club meeting in a while will be happening at Benno's in West Allis, Wednesday night. Benno's is located near the South End of State Fair Park at 7413 Greenfield Avenue in West Allis.