Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Thanks to everyone who volunteered and visited the Milwaukee BMX booth this weekend at the Wheel and Sprocket bike expo this past weekend at Wisconsin State Fair Park.  We had an absolute blast meeting all of the new people and hope we see you real soon at Milwaukee BMX.  For those of you who are not yet ABA members, don't forget to bring your free one day membership coupon for a free practice or free race.

Having heard from a few of you who will be heading to the Blue Springs National at the end of May ... and how bummed you all were that you wouldn't be able to make our State Championship Qualifier ... we have worked out the following schedule change.

1. The Saturday May 30 Single Point race will remain on the schedule unchanged.

2. Our State Championship Qualifier Race is moving from May 31st to June 13th (which was on the schedule as a RFL single).  This will also be the date for the 17 & Over Open Series (more details coming soon).

3. The RFL single scheduled for June 13th now moves to Saturday July 25th.

4. The Saturday August 22nd 2x points will also be the first annual "I Raced the Ranch" BMX Old School Reunion at Milwaukee BMX.  (Mike Froh passed along one of the coolest pieces of nostalgia I've seen in a long time -- which I will post up here over the weekend. 

5. There will be no race on Sunday May 31st at Milwaukee BMX.

The schedule change takes effect immediately and we are stoked that our riders (especially those on the Factory Sun Ringle team) can represent at the Blue Springs National that weekend.

Keep your eyes peeled at The Hill BMX's (Elgin, IL - linked through our nearby track links) website for information related to a film crew that will be out visiting their track next Monday.  I don't have any more details other than the film crew should be set up and running by 10 a.m.

That's it for now ... see you at the finish line.