Monday, July 30, 2007

Random SCQ Photographs:

Second round of the 5 novice class ... closest to us and getting a minor assist from his dad Len is Mikey Cabalterra, Rachel and Lynnea (mom) Rankins are in 4. Looks like Riley Passer down in 3, which leaves Ryan Kemnetz in one. Ryan Duley was the first round qualifier and won the main. Good stuff ... but, seriously ... where are the training wheels ... after all, these are five year olds, right?

Reece Rankins has been killing it all season at Milwaukee ... but, as just about our only 8 intermediate ... he often gets lumped with older (sometimes considerably older) expert riders. He took advantage of learning how to chase those rabits and wound up with a nice second on Saturday.

19-27 Novices doing a considerably better job of keeping it together down the first straight than yours truly. I was about a pedal past that point in 36-40 cruiser and made a big old cloud of dust. If you were one of the unlucky downwind spectators, I apologize about that. From left to right - John San Felippo, John Lehman, Brennon Manske and Shane Mcnallie. Manske took the big win.

Todd Zimmerman with a nice 3rd moto lead in 41-45 cruiser over former pro Brian Woods who returned to racing just about a week ago. Lenny Cabalterra sits in third and Dan Schneider is looking for a way through. Both 41-45 cruiser and 36-40 cruiser had full gates of riders -- super cool.

Mark Kluth is on the gas in the 36-40 3rd round of qualifying motos. Karl Ausdembruch, in SE colors, is looking for a little drafting help.

Watching the 17 - 18 experts is simultaneously inspiring and humbling. They carry so much track speed and are so dialed they often make it look easy. When I grow up, I want to be just like these guys. From the right, Matthew Alden, Michael Gotschika and Kevin Detinger.

Nick Dutcher and Ben Kohls are two members of the very talented CSR / Sinz team. Nick, did ya notice how all that dirt on the first straight packed in?

Ben, I swear ... one of these days ... I'll get you a good jump shot. Considering the windy conditions on Saturday, this one really isn't that bad. Still, it's not a really accurate representation of the altitude this kid normally gets on our first straight.

These two had solid battles going all day. The lead #5 bike is Chase Pauza, sportin' the new Team Rock'N threads (yeah baby, that's definitely ORANGE !!!). Chase won, but had a rear view mirror FULL of Nick Campanelli all day.

Another shot of Pauza that's only here because it's just so darn good. Love the shoulders turned into the corner -- absolutely text book cornering demonstration. You can see Campanelli really railing in the background.

The photos above and below demonstrate my newfound sympathy with BMX parents all around the globe. Now I know why you guys constantly scream "PEDAL" at the top of your lungs and down rolaids like they are candy at the races. Racing my own bike is one thing ... but, I'm finding that watching your kids do their thing is unbelievably nerve wracking in a way I never could have imagined.
In the photo above, Raymond Eckert has things well in control while #340 Sam Cabaltera, #336 David Smith III, Steven Meyer trail. My kid, Dane is so darn far behind that I think he's actually reversing the aging process -- for himself anyway. And, that's the way it went the first two motos ... building himself large deficits. By chance, I remembered to remind him that no matter how his day went, he still had a couple of airplanemodels to help me build when we got home. Who knows why 7 year olds think the way they do, but, that seemed to turn the trick for him. He won his third qualifying moto ... and, then, perhaps trying to build his own legend in a Babe Ruth sorta way, told me he would win the main for me. I reminded him to just have fun. In fact, while the other 7 novice parents were yelling "pedal" ... the corner workers were giving me funny looks because I was hollering at Dane to "Have Fun !!!"
Below is him, leading his main into the third corner with just a sliver of young Raymond Eckert at the extreme right of the frame -- undoubtedly looking for a way past. But, silly Dane made a promise, and he was not to be denied. I've been fortunate enough to have raced BMX for nearly a total of 10 years now ... and I've won a few locals and made a couple of national mains along the way now ... but, nothing compared with the total delight I felt for Dane when he crossed the line in first Saturday.
Next time he races, however, I'll be sure to bring plenty of Rolaids, I'm fairly sure I'll need 'em.
Wisconsin State Championship Qualifier Results from July 28th

Moto 1: 15-16 Open
1. Ben Kohls, 16i - Racine, WI - CSR / Sinz
2. Chris Bratz, 20i - Kansasville, WI
3. Christopher Maglio, 14i - Lynwood, IL
dnq: Seth Willis, 8i - Salem, WI

Moto 2: 12 Cruiser
1. Zachary Passer, 12c - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
2. Chase Pauza, 9c - Arlington Heights, IL
3. Jacob Szymanski, 9c - Illinois

Moto 3: 15 Cruiser
1. Kommanche Jordan, 13c - Green Bay, WI
2. Cody Kulas, 14c - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
3. Ross Nelson, 15c - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
dnq: Brittany Dubel, 15g - Monticello, WI

Moto 4: 26-30 Cruiser
1. Ben Kohls, 16c - Racine, WI - CSR / Sinz
2. Troy Kasper, 26c - Oshkosh, WI
3. Joey Catardi, 23c - Mundelein, IL
dnq: Mathew Byrge

Moto 5: 36-40 Cruiser
1. Curt Zizzo, 37c - Kenosha, WI - Factory Direct Link
2. Fred Yanke, 36c - Waukesha, WI
3. Dan Tavela, 37c - Franklin, WI
4. Mark Kluth, 38c - Waukesha, WI
5. Karl Ausdembruch, 37c - Racine, WI
6. Travis Richard, 40c
7. Kevin O'Donnell, 40c - Milwaukee, WI
dnq: Thomas O'Rourke, 39c

Moto 6: 41-45 Cruiser
1. Michael Froh, 41c - Milwaukee, WI - Factory Direct Link
2. Ed Morris, 44c - Fort Atkinson, WI
3. John Wethall, 42c - Lake Mills, WI
4. Brian Woods, 43c - Wisconsin
5. Paul Weimer, 42c - Fond du Lac - Geared 4 Racing
6. Todd Zimmerman, 41c - Oconomowoc, WI
7. Len Cabaltera, 42c - Wisconsin

Moto 7: 46-50 Cruiser
1. John Maurer, 64c - Madison, WI
2. Doug O'Reilly, 52c - Villa Park, IL
3. Terri Bratz, 46gc - Kansasville, WI

Moto 8: 11 Girls
1. Mikenna Koth, 11g - Wisconsin
2. Casie Dubel, 11g - Monticello, WI
3. Carley Weinke-Owens, 8g - Wisconsin - Dirt Warriors

Moto 9: 13 Girls
1. Patty Oleinik, 13g - Rhinelander, WI
2. Kathryn Moore, 13g - Green Bay, WI
3. Zoe Josheff, 13g - Rhinelander, WI
dnq: Jessica Stensberg, 13g - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Moto 10: 5 & Under Novice
1. Ryan Duley, 5n - Fond du Lac, WI
2. Ryan Kemnitz, 5n - Oshkosh, WI
3. Mikey Cabaltera, 4n - Wisconsin
4. Riley Passer, 5n - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
dnq: Rachel Rankins, 5n - Twin Lakes, WI

Moto 11: 6 Novice
1. Alex Malueg, 6n - Wisconsin
2. Quentin Lewis-Smith, 6n - North Prairie, WI - Dirt Warriors
3. Garrett Kluth, 6n - Waukesha, WI

Moto 12: 6 Intermediate
1. Trace Obregon, 6i - Bristol, WI
2. Zane Mencheski, 6i - Wisconsin
3. Kendall Liebel, 6i - Oshkosh, WI
dnq: Nathan Davids, 6i - Kaukana, WI

Moto 13: 7 Novice
1. Dane O'Donnell, 7n - Milwaukee, WI
2. Raymond Eckert, 7n - Muskego, WI
3. David Smith III, 7n - Wisconsin
4. Jonah Ausdembruch, 7n - Racine, WI
5. Sam Cabaltera, 7n - Wisconsin
dnq: Steven Meyer

Moto 14: 7 Intermediate
1. Max Maglio, 7i - Lynwood, IL
2. Shawn Kemnitz, 7i - Hancock, WI
3. Logan Wildish, 7i - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Moto 15: 8 Intermediate
1. Austin Belot, 8i - Neenah, WI
2. Reece Rankins, 8i - Twin Lakes, WI
3. Seth Willis, 8i - Salem, WI
dnq: Dillon Nelson, 8i - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Moto 16: 9 Novice
1. Gavin Decker, 9n - Sun Prairie, WI
2. Dylan Schlafer, 9n - Wisconsin
3. Kodi Gissibl, 9n - Wauwatosa, WI
4. Vince Stohl, 9n - Wisconsin
5. Kevin Murphy, 9n - Wauwatosa, WI
6. Mckaylla O'Rourke, 8n - Wisconsin
dnq: Miranda Koth 8n

Moto 17: 9 Intermediate
1. Jacob Wenzlaff, 9i - Appleton, WI
2. Kasen Vanooyen, 9i - Oshkosh, WI
3. Travis Witt, 9i - Edgar, WI
dnq: Dalton Schramm, 9i

Moto 18: 9 Expert
1. Chase Pauza, 9x - Arlington Heights, IL
2. Nick Campanelli, 9x - Germantown, WI
3. Jacob Szymanski, 9x - Oakwood Hills, IL
4. Kameron Mand, 9x - Fond du Lac, WI

Moto 19: 10 Novice
1. Cole Baake, 10n - Port Washington, WI
2. Wyatt O'Rourke, 10n - Wisconsin
3. Nicolas Weiler, 10n - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
dnq: Allison Meyer, 10n - Wisconsin

Moto 20: 10 Intermediate
1. Jaden Vanooyen, 10i - Oshkosh, WI
2. Chance Moore, 10i - Green Bay, WI
3. Jacob Hellenbrand, 10i - Lodi, WI
dnq: Sean Engelbrecht, 10i - Manitowoc, WI - Bombshell / Sinz

Moto 21: 10 Expert
1. Jeremy Statz, 10x - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
2. Jordan Passer, 10x - Wisconsin Rapids - Brings Redline
3. Mike Liebl, 10x - Oshkosh

Moto 22: 11 Intermediate
1. David Dobrinski, 11i - Ripon, WI
2. Lane Wildish, 11i - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
3. Dillon Kolinski, 11i - Wisconsin

Moto 23: 12 Novice
1. Andrew Roberts, 12n - Fond du Lac, WI - Geared 4 Racing
2. Anthony Brzezimski, 11n - Wisconsin
3. Colton Owens, 11n - Cross Plains, WI

Moto 24: 12 Intermediate
1. Jared Engelhart, 12i - Madison, WI
2. Alex McCracken, 12i - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
3. Justin Gaedtke, 12i - Wisconsin Rapids, WI - Brings Redline
dnq: Charlie Oleinik, 12i - Rhinelander, WI

Moto 25: 12 Expert
1. Joshua Lapour, 12x - Rockford, IL
2. Jacob Hinzpeter, 12x - Twin Lakes, WI
3. Donald Dubel, 12x - Monticello, WI
4. Ronnie Kraft, 12x - Beaver Dam, WI
5. Kyle Celichowski, 12x - Oshkosh, WI
6. Zack Peterson, 12x - Roscoe, IL
7. Zachary Passer, 12x - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Moto 26: 13 Intermediate
1. Tyler Witt, 13i - Edgar, WI
2. Eric Hahn, 13i - Union Grove, WI
3. Zach Wenzlaff, 13i - Appleton, WI

Moto 27: 14 Novice
1. Seth Engelbrecht, 14n - Wisconsin - Bombshell / Sinz / THE
2. Colin Baake, 14n - Port Washington, WI
3. Christopher Wipijewski, 14n - Wisconsin

Moto 28: 14 Intermediate
1. Brad Olson, 14i - Wisconsin
2. Collin Kohls, 14i - Racine, WI - CSR / Sinz
3. Lewis Wethall, 14i - Lake Mills, WI
4. Brandon Bruyette, 14i - Rhinelander, WI
5. Ryan Lois, 14i - Burlington, WI
6. Jack Hall, 14i - Wisconsin - Dirt Warriors
dnq: Christopher Maglio, 14i - Lynwood, IL

Moto 29: 14 Expert
1. Kommanche Jordan, 14x - Green Bay, WI
2. Coty Skinner, 13x - Rhinelander, WI - Mels
3. Cody Kulas, 14x - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Moto 30: 15 Intermediate
1. Ross Nelson, 15i - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
2. Devin Gaedtke, 15i - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
3. Andrew Wipjewski, 15n - Wisconsin

Moto 31: 16 Intermediate
1. Nick Dutcher, 15x - Arbor Vitae, WI - CSR / Sinz
2. Ben Kohls, 16i - Racine, WI - CSR / Sinz
3. Tyler Kohlman, 16i - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
dnq: Bryce Engelhart, 16i - Madison, WI

Moto 32: 17-18 Expert
1. Matthew Alden, 17x - Frederic, WI
2. Michael Gotschika, 17x - Oshkosh, WI - Geared 4 Racing
3. Keven Dentinger, 17x - Minoqua, WI
dnq: Anthony Lehner, 17x - Fond du Lac, WI - Geared 4 Racing

Moto 33: 19-27 Novice
1. Brennon Manski, 17n - Shorewood, WI
2. John Lehman, 24n - Wisconsin
3. John Sanfelippo, 26n - Wisconsin
dnq: Shane Mcnallie, 25n - Wisconsin

Moto 34: 19-27 Intermediate
1. Chris Bratz, 20i - Kansasville, WI
2. Dana Mittelstadt, 17i - Shorewood, WI - CSR / Sinz
3. Amy Mcvickar, 18g - Neenah, WI

Moto 35: 28-35 Intermediate
1. Ascension Obregon, 25x - Bristol, WI
2. Thomas Garry, 30i - Beloit, WI - Sudden Impact
3. Todd Lewis-Smith, 34i - North Prairie, WI - Dirt Warriors
4. Joey Catardi, 23x - Mundelein, IL
dnq: Brian Davids, 34i - Wisconsin

Moto 36: 36 & Over Novice
1. Chris Meyer, 35n - Wisconsin
2. John Mencheski, 32n - Wisconsin
3. Glenn Mcvickar, 51n - Neenah, WI
4. Keith Wenzlaff, 39n - Wisconsin
dnq: Mike Wenzlaff, 38n - Appleton, WI

Moto 37: 36 & Over Intermediate
1. Greg Schwartz, 37i - Wisconsin Rapids, WI - Brings Redline
2. Ed Morris, 44i - Fort Atkinson, WI
3. John Wethall, 42i - Lake Mills, WI
4. Marc Nuccio, 36i - Woodstock, IL
dnq: Darin Moore, 37i - Green Bay, WI

Moto 38: 36 & Over Expert
1. Tim Eiring, 31x - Waukesha, WI - Factory Direct Link
2. Fred Yanke, 36x - Waukesha, WI
3. Michael Froh, 41x - Milwaukee, WI - Factory Direct Link
dnq: Joshua Coplan, 34x - Janesville, WI

Sunday, July 29, 2007

State Championship Qualifier a HUGE Success !!!

From our perspective, yesterday's State Championship Qualifier couldn't have gone better. Being "newbie" track operators, we had plenty of anxious moments in the days that lead up to yesterday, but, with the help of the Fond du Lac crew, and others -- all went super well. We couldn't be more proud of the event.

We hope you enjoyed racing our track. For all the effort that's gone in ... the even yesterday made every minute worth it.
We will be posting results and many more photographs soon.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday July 26th Practice is Cancelled

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Results from Tuesday - July 24th

11 Motos

Moto 1: 31-35 Cruiser
1. Ben Kohls - 15c - Racine, WI
2. Kevin O'Donnell - 40c - Milwaukee, WI
3. Mark Kluth - 39c - Waukesha, WI
dnq - Mathew Byrge - 28c

Moto 2: 41-45 Cruiser
1. Michael Froh - 41c - Milwaukee, WI
2. John Wethall - 42c - Lake Mills, WI
3. Brian Woods - 43c
dnq - John Maurer - 64c - Madison, WI

Moto 3: 5 and Under Novice
1. Lucas Rupp - 5n - Muskego, WI
2. Rachel Rankins - 5n - Twin Lakes, WI
3. Cooper Siudak - 5n

Moto 4: 7 Novice
1. Raymond (RJ) Eckert - 7n - Muskego, WI
2. David Smith III - 7n
3. Josh Sobczak - 7n
4. Daniel Walkowiak - 7n
5. Garret Kluth - 6n - Waukesha, WI
6. Miles Priefer - 7n - Waterford
7. Dane O'Donnell - 7n - Milwaukee, WI
dnq - Olivia Siudak - 6n

Moto 5: 8 Novice
1. Samuel Rupp - 8n - Muskego, WI (Sam's win advanced him to Intermediate)
2. Steve Foglia - 8n
3. Micala Gaynor - 8n

Moto 6: 12 Novice
1. Cole Baake - 10n - Port Washington, WI
2. Jacob Racine - 12n
3. Ryan Stine - 11n

Moto 7: 12 Expert (all riders receive expert points)
1. Jacob Hinzpeter - 12x - Twin Lakes, WI
2. Reece Rankins - 8i - Twin Lakes, WI
3. Carson Herbert - 6i

Moto 8: 15 Novice
1. Andrew Wipjewski - 15n
2. Colin Baake - 14n - Port Washington
3. Tyler Schmidt - 14n

Moto 9: 15 Expert
1. Dallas Weimer - 14x - Fond du Lac, WI
2. Nick Dutcher - 15x - Arbor Vitae, WI
3. Collin (Four Stroke) Kohls - 14i - Racine, WI

Moto 10: 19-27 Novice
1. Brennon Manske - 17n - Shorewood, WI
2. John Sanfelippo - 26n
3. Michael Stine - 42n
dnq: Shane Mcnollie - 25n

Moto 11: 19-27 Intermediate
1. Thomas Garry - 30i - Beloit, WI
2. Ben Kohls - 16i - Racine, WI
3. Chris Bratz - 20i - Kansasville, WI
dnq: Dana Mittelstadt - 17i - Shorewood, WI

Monday, July 23, 2007

Stage 'em Up !!!
There's been a fair amount of excitment building around these parts, and all of it has to do with the double point State Championship qualifier race this weekend. With 12 motos on hand for our last Tuesday night single points race it seems perfectly reasonable that we'll at least double that this Saturday.

In addition to our normal scheduled Tuesday night single point race and Thursday Gate Practice, a bunch of the volunteers will be trackside throughout the day Wednesday and Thursday to get the track as dialed as possible. As the jumps continue to weather well, we'll mainly focus our efforts on the start hill and turns. Master track builder Mike Froh will be on hand to lead and coordinate the effort.

More big thanks to John Wethall for coming through with a chalk liner as well. A nice white line down either side of the track will really add to the finished look of the track. We've also got banners on the way from several manufacturers ... and things should be looking super good by Saturday. I can't wait to get to work Wednesday afternoon to see what we can come up with by Friday.

A few words about getting the word out
A BIG thank you to whoever it was that mentioned to John Jenson at Johnson's Bike Shop in Wauwatosa that he heard about the shop through the Milwaukee BMX hotshop program. John was pretty stoked to know that his investment into our future brought him a new customer. NASCAR has preached this for a long time with great success. Please let the hot shop guys know that you appreciate their support of Milwaukee BMX.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Racing Tonight (July 17th)

Is definitely a go !

See you trackside.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Odds and Ends

We found this very cool video of the Pan American games BMX final from this past weekend. Jason Richardson earned one of six gold medals in the entire games for team USA. Everything about his lap is pretty killer ... and the climb to the top spot on the podium is just remarkable. Heck, when I was a kid, which was a really long time ago, there were already whispers of BMX as an olympic medal sport (maybe it was more of a fantasy, in hindsight) ... but, now, it's happening ... and I can hardly wait.

Redline Cup Qualifier at Fond du Lac BMX

Paul and Linda Weimer and their crew at Fond du Lac BMX are to be commended for running an awesome program yesterday. The track was easily the best I can remember and the races were run efficiently. Registration ran exactly as it should ... and the food from concessions sure did look tasty.

I'm really proud and was very happy to see that we had a bunch of Milwaukee BMX regular participants that headed up. The Rupp Family, the Mittelsatdts, the Kohls, the Wethalls, the Campanellis, the Rankins, the Dirt Warriors team and a bunch of people (Mike Froh, Todd Zimmerman, Tim Eiring, Jason Leikam) who have also volunteered at Milwaukee BMX made the trip and came home with some top finishes.

It definintely got the juices flowing for our own upcoming State Championship Qualifier -- which will take place Saturday July 28th.

As always, keep your eye on Milwaukee BMX tomorrow for ongoing weather reports. Forecast currently calls for scattered showers, but, like last week, it can rain on one part of the city and miss our track completely. Weather permitting, we hope to see you tomorrow night.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Results 7/10/2007

Moto 1: 31-35 Cruiser
1. Kevin O’Donnell – Milwaukee, WI (40C)
2. Steven Campanelli – Germantown, WI (39C)
3. Benjamin Jahnke – (11C)

Moto 2: 41-45 Cruiser
1. John Wethall – Lake Mills, WI (42C)
2. Terry Cooper – Burlington, WI (53C)
3. Ross Jahnke (43C)

Moto 3: 6 Novice
1. Olivia Siudak (6N)
2. Cooper Siudak (5N)
3. Lucas Rupp – Muskego, WI (5N)

Moto 4: 8 Novice
1. Samuel Rupp – Muskego, WI (8N)
2. Josh Sobczak (7N)
3. David Smith III (7N)

Moto 5: 9 Expert
1. Nick Campanelli – Germantown, WI (9X)
2. Reece Rankins – Twin Lakes, WI (9I)
3. Christopher Brandenburg – Hartland, WI (9I)

Moto 6: 11 Novice
1. Dillon Kolinski (11N)
2. Anthony Brezeinski (11N)
3. Cole Baake – Port Washington, WI (10N)

Moto 7: 14 Novice
1. Nate Booth – Milwaukee, WI (14N)
2. Christopher Wipijewski (14N)
3. Colin Baake – Port Washington, WI (14N)

Moto 8: 14 Intermediate
1. Lewis Wethall – Lake Mills, WI (14I)
2. Colin Kohls – Racine, WI (14I)
3. Dana Mittelstadt – Shorewood, WI (17I)
4. Jacob Hinzpeter – Twin Lakes, WI (12X)
DNQ – Benjamin Jahnke (11I)

Moto 9: 19-27 Novice
1. John Sanfelippo (25N)
2. Andrew Wipjewski (15N)
3. Terry Cooper – Burlington, WI (53N)
DNQ – Shane Mcnollie (25N)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We Are Racing !!!

Although the shower line moved through with heavy downpours in some areas, Crystal Ridge was spared in this first round of showers, so we are planning to race as scheduled.

See you at the track.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Odds and Ends:

Milwaukee BMX does not have any track activity scheduled this week. We will resume our regular racing schedule next Tuesday, July 10th.

We hope you enjoy a fun and safe 4th-of-July holiday with your families and friends.

For those interested in the deeper meaning the celbration of our nation's Independence Day ... here is a link to the Declaration of Indepence. I don't want to sound like your boring history teacher ... but, I mean it when I say that all of us should read and understand the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.


Additionally, we noticed a few of you have been receiving some great publicity recently in your local newspapers, which is a rarity for BMX'ers, and very cool to see. First, we saw this photo that was recently published in the Kenosha News, of Krystal Schulz, who spent time on our Rake and Ride volunteer crew last summer. Krystal Schulz was recognized by her local media outlet for earning the right to compete in the World Championships of BMX in Canada later this month. Ride on, Krystal ... and make us all proud. Krystal's mom, Tammi, has helped in scoring, and her Dad, Brian, and brother, Kyle, are regular competitors at Milwaukee BMX.

We also stumbled across this very cool article about the Weimer family that chronicles the racing efforts of 14 year old Dallas and the support he receives from his Mom Linda (who has volunteered a bunch in registration and has been extremely helpful in getting us up and running this season) and father Paul who run the Fond du Lac BMX track. Both Dallas and Paul have competed at Milwaukee BMX.

Good to see it all !!!

Again, have a great week, and we look forward to seeing you trackside at our next race on Tuesday July 10th.